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Who we are is a local distributor and installer of bicycle lighting technology in the Brussels area.


Default lighting systems provided by average bicycle vendors such as Decathlon ARE NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH! You are mostly invisible to other users of the public roads.


Also, most LED lighting systems sold in non-specialized interned shops provide an unfocused light which often blinds other drivers.


It is therefore imperative that a responsible bicycle driver uses appropriate lighting systems, in his/her own survival interest!


Featuring: Radlicht


Radlicht Bike Wheel Light colors currently consist of more than twenty variations allowing you to make your bike unique.


Unlike traditional bike lights, which project light in only one direction, Radlicht covers 360 degrees of illumination, making it much easier for others to see you. This improves your safety tremendously, as most nighttime bike-car collisions occur due to inadequate side visibility.


Your safety at dawn, dusk and evening depends on you being visible to motorists at the greatest distance possible!  Radlicht Bike Wheel Lights offer high illumination from the sides, front and back with low glare to motorists. You remain lighted even when you don’t move!

Radlicht ™ tubes are made from high quality polypropylene, which indicates their hardness and resistance to damage. 

Mounted on wheels spokes

Tubes model: 5;6;7;8;9. 9 tubes standart.


Length of tube: 100mm-200mm. 190mm standart.

The seat battery holder: axis

Mount Type: Ties

Power supply: 3*AAA batery block 

Working time on one battery set: more than 20 hours.

Available colors: yellow, white, wite-green, white-blue, red, orange, green, green-blue, blue, blue-red, blue-green.


1 set of Radlicht: €37.00

2 sets of Radlicht: €69.00


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